DAAAM International Vienna

DAAAM National Estonia


Online Proceedings of the 11th International DAAAM Baltic Conference


20-22th April 2016, Tallinn, ESTONIA, ISSN 2346-6138



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Aziz, I; Amin, R & Majak, J.

Numerical solution of a class of fractional delay differential equations via haar wavelet

Harf, M. & Grossschmidt, G.

Using multi-pole modeling and intelligent simulation in design of a hydraulic drive with two–directional flow regulating valve (part 1)

Harf, M. & Grossschmidt, G.

Using multi-pole modeling and intelligent simulation in design of a hydraulic drive with two–directional flow regulating valve (part 2)


Kaganski, S.; Karjust, K. & Majak, J.

Prioritization of key performance indicators for small and medium enterprices


Koop, R.; Braziulis, D.; Olabode, O.F.; Pecollari, K.; Gunasekaran, B.; Juurma, M.;

Tamre, M. & Hiiemaa, M.

Design and development of the optical system for the nanosatellite using RP

Källo, R., Eerme, M. & Reedik, V.

Empowering synergy dynamics in chaos control in hierarchical teamwork


Kukrus A., Lumiste R.

Adaptation of engineering products to foreign markets


Maceika, A. & Šostak, O. R.

Delphi method application for engineering


Maceika, A. & Zabielavičienė, I.

Interferences affecting creativity of innovation team


Moezzi Reza & Vu TrieuMinh

Fuzzy logic control for non-linear model of the ball and beam system


S. Panin, I. Vlasov, V. Sergeev, A. Ziganshin, P. Maruschak, O. Prentkovskis

Effect of ion and electron beam as well as ultrasonic treatments on structure and properties of 12cr1mov steel


Raz, K.; Chval, Z.

Temperature monitoring during injection molding process


Raz, K.; Chval, Z.

Flow analysis of the optimal pantograph position and design


Sonk, K.; Hermaste, A.; Sarkans, M. & Paavel, M.

Using functional requirements to determine optimal additive manufacturing technology


Stekleins A., Gerins E., Kromanis A.

Analysis of selection criteria for vacuum gauges and its accuracy





Bayat Mokhtari, B; Hyvärinen, J; Laine, J; Lunkka, J; Kiviluoma, P. Korhonen, A.

& Kuosmanen, P.

Linear modular calibration rig for sar panel


Bolotov M.A., Pechenin V.A.

Model of precision parts assembly


Campbell, K.; Nichols, B.; Söderholm, C.; Ruippo, T.; Kiviluoma, P.; Korhonen, A.

& Kuosmanen, P.

Testing powder distribution methods for selective laser sintering


Dhoska, K.; Hofer, H.; López, M.; Rodiek, B.; Kübarsepp, T. & Kück, S.

Detection efficiency calibration of si-spad detectors via comparison with a si-standard diode


Hassi, T.; Korva, A.; Markkula, S.; Partanen, T.; Sourander, T.; Kiviluoma, P.;

Korhonen, A. & Kuosmanen, P.     

Improving energy efficiency of an electric mini excavator

Kozlov, A.; Labkovskaya, R.; Tkalich, V.

  Improving reliability element base of control system and automation


Kozlov, A.; Labkovskaya, R.; Tkalich, V.; Pirozhnikova, O.

The method to increase the reliability of elastic sensing elements of control systems and automation


Krivosheev, S.; Borisov, I.; Olejnik, R.; Reznikov, S.        

Various control strategies for the artificial hand using surface emg sensors: first experiments and results



Krokhaleva, N.; Turchinovich, N.; Ovchinnikov, I.; Penkov, I.; Aryassov, G.;

Perepelkina, S., Reznikov., S.          

Motion modeling of the human lower limb, supported by orthoses


D. Kubátová, M. Melichar, A. Pereira.      

Study comparative of tribological behaviour of polyamide and abs polymers after processing by injection

Lintilä, T.; Hyvärinen, V.; Kariniemi, R.; KC, A.; Nurmi, L.; Liukkonen T.;

Viinikka, S.; Kiviluoma, P.; Korhonen, A. & Kuosmanen, P.        

Development of computer vision based face tracking measurement for sitting ergonomics


Liyanage, D.C; Hiiemaa, M. & Tamre, M.

Motion control system for ship model towing test tank control system using synchronous servo drives

Luthada, P.; Goletic, E.; Ala Puig, O.; Shah, V.; Tai, Q.; Kiviluoma, P.; Korhonen,

A.; Partanen, J.; & Kuosmanen, P.

Laser cutting of dry carbon fiber


McKay, M.; Isometsä, J.; Wirtanen, K.; Hietala, J.; Kiviluoma, P.; Korhonen, A. &

Kuosmanen, P.         

Intelligent vehicle development platform


Abouelkheir Moustafa; Vu Trieu Minh      

Modeling and simulation of dual clutch transmission and hybrid electric vehicles


Niinikoski, J.; Ewalds, J.; Heikkinen, E.; Kotilainen, J.; Kääriäinen, M.; Tammi, K.;

Kiviluoma, P.; Korhonen, A. & Kuosmanen, P.     

Methods for reducing emissions of small internal combustion engines


Nuzhdin, K.

Investigation of electrical phenomena occurring in friction processes


Ovchinnikov, I.; Minh, VT & Kovalenko, P.          

Modeling human gait based on model predictive control


Paukkunen, L.; Boxström, J.; Karlsson, J.;Komu, M.; Paloniemi, M.; Kajaste, J.;

Kiviluoma, P.; Korhonen, A. & Kuosmanen, P.     

Improvement of pneumatic football kicking device based on imitation of human Dynamics


Polukoshko, S; Martinovs, A & Sokolova, S.

Experimental and theoretical research of stiffness of bonded hollow cylindrical rubber block


Vu Trieu Minh; Riva Khanna.

Intelligent kitchen model for smart homes


SINANI, U.; SAJEDI SABEGH, N.; Hiiemaa, M. & Tamre, M.   

Rolling tyre counting system

  Turchinovich N., Krokhaleva N., Monahov U., Sivitski A., Perepelkina S.,

  Penkov I., Aryassov G.

  Calculation of optimal design for knee joint smart orthosis


Vartia, P.; Kuula, J.; Mäntyjärvi, V.; Berg, M.; Harju, J.; Simonsson, K.;

Kiviluoma, P.; Korhonen, A. & Kuosmanen, P.     

Design process of a conceptual interactive artwork


Viitala, R.; Tätilä, I.; Aho, R.; Kiviluoma, P.; Korhonen, A. & Kuosmanen, P.

Backup bearing testing device for active magnetic bearing


Wilkman, V.; Hautaniemi, L.; Vaari, A-M.; Wahlroos, V.; Kiviluoma, P.; Korhonen,

A. & Kuosmanen, P.

Electronic lock mechanism for bicycle


Vu TrieuMinh; Tamre M; Hudjakov R; Shvarts D; Polder A: Hiiemaa M; Juurma M

Control of autonomous mobile robots using wireless network and matlab